Defending Against Accusations Of Sex Offenses

The mere stigma of being accused of a sex crime can follow you for the rest of your life. I am John Spencer, founding attorney of the largest criminal defense firm in the Fredericksburg area. I understand the challenges you face after being charged with a sex offense. You can trust me to treat you with respect during this very difficult time in your life.

You will receive personalized attention from a skilled and dedicated defense attorney when you work with me. I only handle criminal defense cases. Sex offenses carry harsh penalties that can include mandatory life sentences for some crimes. I understand this and will work hard to find the best outcome possible in your specific situation.

Guiding You Through Your Case

It is vital to work with lawyer as soon as possible in these cases. I will review your charges and learn more about your specific situation to determine what options are available in your case. I know how prosecutors view sex crimes and will help you through this process in a confidential and comfortable atmosphere.

I have experience representing individuals charged with sex offenses, including:

  • Sexual assault, including rape and statutory rape
  • Inappropriate sexual relations with minors
  • Child molestation
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography

I understand criminal laws in Virginia and can guide you through the process, from being booked to defending you at trial.

Contact Me

Due to the severe nature of sex crimes, it is very important to speak with an attorney right away. I provide free initial consultations. To schedule a free consultation, call my law office at 540-369-6430 or my cellphone at 703-608-2167. You can also contact me online to schedule a free appointment.