Were You Charged With A Violent Crime?

Violent crime convictions carry some of the most severe penalties in Virginia. If you have been charged with a violent offense, you need to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your future.

I understand your fears of the criminal justice system. As a former police officer, prosecutor and public defender, I know how these cases are viewed by prosecutors and judges. I can guide you through the process so all of your concerns are addressed and you know what to expect at each stage of the proceedings.

Mandatory Minimums Play A Role In Your Case

I have extensive experience representing individuals charged with violent crimes that include murder, rape, domestic abuse, malicious wounding and assault and battery. Criminal charges stemming from a violent crime depend on a variety of factors. Many violent offenses are subject to mandatory minimum sentencing requirements, which could be punishable by anywhere from five years up to life in prison in some cases.

Every criminal case is unique. I understand this and will carefully evaluate the circumstances in your case to see what options are available to potentially reduce the charges to a lesser offense or to get the charges dismissed through trial.

When you are facing a mandatory minimum sentence, you will be glad to have my years of experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system on your side.

Contact Me For A Free Initial Consultation

I understand that criminal charges do not always happen during normal business hours. That is why I give all my clients my cellphone number. To discuss your specific criminal case, contact me online or call my law firm at 540-369-6430. After hours, please call my cellphone at 703-608-2167. I provide free initial consultations and can speak with you anywhere.